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I want to run Intel Burn Test on my 3770K with the Hyper 212 EVO. I have the fan set to pull instead of push, due to RAM height getting in the way of the push configuration.

What should I expect? Should I expect to get through all levels (Standard thru Maximum)?

RealTemp 3.70 reports minimum temps at anywhere from 26 to 30 Celsius. What max temps would be considered acceptable assuming I can get through the different stress levels? The max temp is 105 degrees Celsius, correct?

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  1. While the melting temp is 105C, the CPU will start to throttle around 90-95C. With a 212 Evo though, you shouldn't get anywhere near those temps, even with a pull config. I would guess 65-70C as an absolute maximum.
  2. ChilledGrease said:
    While the melting temp is 105C, the CPU will start to throttle around 90-95C.

    What are you talking about? The melting temp of what? Have you done any high temperature testing?

    The thermal throttling temperature for a desktop Ivy Bridge CPU is 105C. Here's my 3570K running at a hair over 100C and it still hasn't reached the thermal throttling point. The Intel GPU is being used for this test and it too is running 100% reliably at this temperature, even when overclocked.


    Run your Ivy at whatever temperature you like as long as it is not thermal throttling and it is running reliably. 100C is obviously a little excessive but Intel rates their Ivy CPUs to run reliably at this temperature. Overclocked Ivy Bridge CPUs can run reliably at temperatures far higher than Intel's old Core 2 technology. These are great CPUs so don't be afraid to fully use it.
  3. Okay, so I ran through the testing last night, and I fear I may need to re-seat the cooler. When I ran Intel Burn Test, i ran it on normal/standard first. Completed with no problems. Temp got up to 87 degrees C according to CoreTemp 3.70. Then I ran the next level of difficulty and it passed as well, getting up to 90 degrees C. When I ran the next difficulty level up, it stopped half-way through. SO I guess the CPU got too hot/stressed?
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