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Laptop randomly shut off and will not turn back on..

Hello, I have a bit of a problem with my laptop. It will not turn on. But here is the background information first.

So this laptop was given to me because it was broken and I thought I could fix it. So after getting the laptop and the ac cord I simply pressed the power button and it turned on. After that it worked well except for the fact that every so often the graphics would crash and the screen would go dark for a few seconds and would eventually pop back up as if nothing had happened (a message popped up saying that it was the graphics driver and something about windows vista even though I was running windows 7 ultimate). After using the computer for a few hours straight a few days later I was moving it around and it just turned off with no warning at all. I tried electrostatic discharge and it did not work. The ac cord works properly and it does not turn on with only the ac cord. The computer did not seem very hot when it shut down. I have been working with it for awhile now and it still has yet to turn back on. Please Help.

If it helps, the brand of the computer is a Gigabyte Q1580L. It is a south african computer.

Please Help. :(
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    I'm guessing bad graphics chip, possible cold solder joint. Unless you are willing to take extreme measures (put it in the oven) it is dead.
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  3. Warranty? RMA. No warranty? Oven.
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