New PC 600ish Dollar budget


I've going to open a cheap Lan Center in South America

People mostly play LoL, Dota, Dota2, some guys play Hon.
Sc2, Diablo, WoW and hopefully they'll get hooked to Guild wars 2.

Since I live in South America prices are a tad higher so I'll tell u what's set on stone first.

Case Thermaltake v3 =38
PSU =15
Ram 4gb Patriot=28
Mouse keyboard and stuff=15
Monitor =108

so there we got 277

Now we got about 400 dolars TOP for mobo,CPU and GPU

So here our options:

as far as Mobos go, cheapest we can get is some H61 for 76 dollars
on 3rd gen Mobos, cheapest is z77M for 122.
GPU we got HD 7770 for 160usd
3570k is 275ish
corei 3 is 185ish
Core i5 is 225ish(no K)

So 2nd and 3rd gen are kinda of the same, difference for me comes in the 50 extra dollars per pc i have to waste on the mobo.

SO here are my possible rigs.

A) z77M+3570k no mobo I'll get hd 4000, it can run lol, hon, diablo at low settings and some day i can save money to power up with a gpu.

B)z77m+3470, no Mobo, hd 2500, i am not OCing cuz of warranty issues, can still play Lol and Hon and got extra cash to dish out on the other pcs

C)H61+i5(cheap one not 2500k)+HD 7770

D)H67+i5 2500k again relying on integrated graphics to run some games

E)H61+i3 and atad more powerful GPU

I am currently thinking on making maybe a mix of 2 options, like using maybe Option D instead of A and with the money saved get better GPUs or take a I5 over an I3 for my GPU PC options.

I understand this is a harder request than usual but i'll appreciate very much ur help

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  1. If you are thinking i3, as a budget solution, using on board graphis; if it's available, where you are, yet, the new Ivybridge i3-3225 (HD4000 graphics), and match it with a H77 mobo. That would give you the best solution, using dual core, at reasonable price. A more potent option would be something like i5-3450, again with H77 mobo, but adding a modest graphics card, like HD 7770. That would actually be quite a nice system, though obviously moe expensive than the i3 option.
    What ever you decide, don't be tempted to use "cheapie" power supply, to "make room" in budget. False economy.
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