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asus p8z77-v le (w/ latest bios)
intel i5-3570k
cooler master 212 plus
x1 120mm exhaust fan

hello all, newbie here and just built my first pc. read through a bunch of threads and most users seem to overclock there cpu to 4.5ghz with about 60-65c max temps. no one really mentioned there fan setup so i'm not sure if that's my issue.

with prime95 at full load for about 2 hours I get max temps of 72, 76, 74 and 76c @ 4.2ghz 1.232v. should I drop the overclock to 4.1ghz or 4.0 to stay in the 60c? do you think this will kill my cpu? pc is more for daily use...web, photo editing (lightroom and photoshop), minimal video editing (maybe some video conversions) and maybe play a game or 2 once a month. thoughts? thanks for any advice given.
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  1. 4.1ghz or 4.0 to stay in the 60c? < would be fine
  2. If you're not comfortable with those temps, drop the OC down a bit until you are. But 70C wouldn't hurt the CPU.
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