Dell XPS Case Mod

Hi Guys,

I have this case.

I recently bought a new intel core i5 with new motherboard and i want to know if i can use this fan or any suggestion so i can still use my case and fan.
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  1. Dude ! U gotta Dell !!

    I used to own around 3. They are very difficult to upgrade (anything more than just a GPU / stick of RAM). Without modding case (think dremel) - the easiest way is to buy a new case ...

    Then the Power Supply fittings would not transfer for me (Due to power input from wall socket on the wrong side :( *read *- i needed a new PSU). Again, i seriously considered the dremel ... but for $40 it was over.

    Good Luck !!

    On the bright side - Dell power supplies are actually UNDER rated. They are VERY STURDY !! Yeah Dell !
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