Adding extra case fan (on side) Intake or exhaust?

Hello, my computer has been overheating for the last couple of weeks. And i have alot of extra case fans laying around my house from striping apart other computers. Im thinking of using one of the 120mm Delta case fans on the side panel. but im new to this whole installing case fans so i just need some help figuring out if i should have it intake air or exhaust? And if the side panel is the best mounting place? I dont really use the computer for gaming just everyday use, alittle gaming here and there when i let my brother use the computer but thats about it. The PC is a HP Pavilion P6310F and is all stock.

Computer INFO:

Thank you in advance for your help!
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  1. Side fans should be set for intake.
  2. okay thank you! should i also add an extra exhaust on the top of the case? or just add the intake to the side?
  3. If the pc is still stock specs then you should not be overheating. Check your heatsink to see if it is mounted correctly. And what are your temps?
  4. i have checked the heatsink and reapplied thermal paste! and at times my MCP and GPU get over 200F.
  5. I have seen this problem before when my old AMD FX processor and 7900gt started to kick the bucket. What I did was get a new cooling fan for my 7900gt, then I took the case side wall off. This worked, but chances are the capacitors are going bad in the GC. Don't bother with all the new fans unless you don't have any in the case right now. Just open the side and if you are really worried about it get a desk fan and point it into the open side of the case. That will work allot better than putting a bunch of new fans in a closed case.
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