Dell inspiron 620 processor replacement

That is the best replacement processor for gaming. For my dell inspiron 620? I have replaced the power supply. It is now 975 watts.
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  1. I would post this in the dell forum. You might get lucky and find someone here, but it's unlikely. I would only be guessing. Dell is more difficult to upgrade; hp gives you some options, but dell would rather you buy a new system than upgrade.
  2. Dude You Gotta Dell !!

    At the end of the day it may be easier to build one. Dell has many proprietary items (not standard) like motherboard and case.

    That's not to say it can't be done - it can be. However having owned many a Dell I've taken to building my own recently.

    While initially you may not save money building vice buying a Dell. If you build with future upgrades in mind - you can upgrade for a fraction of the price of buying a new Dell.
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