GTX 550TI SLI Artificial Intelligence Lag

Hey guys, I am running two GTX 550TI's in SLI.
Whenever i encounter any form of AI, like in Alice Madness Returns, I drop 20 or so frames.
Also when im' playing Skyrim on ultra I usually get 60 fps but every 40 or so meters in the game, the game drops approx 20 fps for up to 5 seconds then goes back up again. Same thing in BF3, whenever I am playing campaign and i am walking through the street i get 60 fps on ultra no AA, but when enemies appear on screen it drops 20 or so FPS and gets very choppy.
Is my computer having trouble loading the files for the AI?
Btw BF3 is running of an SSD.
This is happening in most games past the year 2010+
I am also receiving stutter.
Any idea what's causing this?

System Specs:
Intel Core i5 3570K 4.1GHz
Gigabyte GTX 550TI SLI
Tsunami COODmax 850W PSU, 20 + 4 pin, Peak Power 850W, 2x Molex, 4x SATA Power Connectors, 6-pin PCIE connectors
12GB Kingston DDR3 RAM
MSI Z68MA-G45 (B3)
120GB Corsair SSD (Boot OS)
750GB Hitachi HDD
500GB WD Blue Drive


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  1. I would get rid of the weak SLI setup for one more powerful card, just to eliminate that being the issue.
    Stuttering is a known issue with mid range dual card setups
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