Corsair or Antec? - Antec or Corsair?

The Antec in question:

And the Corsair:

From what I can gather, both of these manufacturers have a good rep.
And, as they are the same price, I don't care either way, just thought I'd get some advice from the pros.

I WILL be running:
A single HDD
A DVD Drive
A Graphics card with minimum PSU requirement of 450w

and MAYBE:
A PCI-E x1 SATA Controller card (With an SSD attached)
A PCI-E x1 USB 3.0 HUB

Thanks in advance,
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    The Antec VP550W, it is a better build and can output a few more watts compared to the Corsair.
  2. same warranty also? maybe seasonic :)
  3. The corsair as it has a single rail opposed to a multi 12v rail
  4. AUS_Doug said:

    A Graphics card with minimum PSU requirement of 450w

    Doesn't tell much
    I have an old 7900GTO that had a minimum 450w requirement, combined with a modern dual core I can't make it put a 50% load on a 300 watt psu
    Either of your chioces are more than enough, both are budget grade, choose the least expensive of the 2 and don't worry about the # of 12v rails
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