HIS HD 7750 issue?

Hi, I just built a system & I'm having minor issue with my graphics card. I mainly bought the HIS HD 7750 for its low temp & low power consumption(which I did read in multiple reviews particular to HIS card).

Since I ve build my system my AMD driver 12.6 has crashed 4-5 times in same number of days, not a big problem as the driver is recovered but still....

Also I ve been checking the idle temp on GPU Z and during idle the lowest it is 34-35 Celsius and yesterday it ran between 39 to 42. All the reviews I had read prior to buying stated the idle temperature for this particular card was ~29 Celsius. I ve not installed any games.

Is this something I should worry about?

This is my first build.. if anyone can advice me i would appreciate it

Thank you

Case Corsair 600T with mesh
Zalman CNPS MAx 9900 cpu cooler
CPU i7 3770K
Mobo Intel DZ77GA-70K
Memory GSkill 8 GBx2
Seasonic 560 Watts gold
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  1. Those would be normal idle temps, 29°C would be low unless ambient is very low like around 20°C = 68°F.
    Driver crashes can be a indication of a faulty card but playing with Vsync can get rid of them sometimes and since you have not even tried gaming with it try the 12.7 beta drivers.
  2. Thanks for advice, I was worried. The driver has been stable for 24 hrs, so will just wait & watch for now
  3. My graphics driver is acting up again in fact it has gotten worse. Now at times I get bsod. Any advice. My windows is uptodate, have installed direct x 11. Is it faulty card?
  4. Points that way.
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