AMD FX-4100 Vs Intel Core i3 2120

Hello everyone. I want to buy my brother his own desktop computer but I don't know whether to get an AMD FX-4100 or an Intel i3 2120. He's into gaming lately but I can only afford a budget pc. All the other specs are the same. So which should I buy?

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  1. Gaming would be the i3-2120.
  2. What games will he be playing, the i3 is better, but if there is a price difference I would go with the cheaper solution and use the saved extra money to buy a better graphcis card.

    That way it'll run better.

    What's your budget?
  3. Consider i3 2120.Intel i3 is far better than fx 4100 even pentium dual core beats fx due to poor single threaded performance see here-,3120-10.html
  4. If you are in tight buget then get 3rd gen pentium g2130 @ 3.2ghz at $ is mostly perform close to i3.and then you can get hd 7770 or gtx 650ti with cpu.
  5. +1 I think the cheaper pentium and a better GPU is the best option for budget gaming.
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