Monitor randomly goes black and comes back on

A couple weeks ago my monitor started going black and after a second or two, it would come back on as if it had just lost connectivity or if it had lost power (It displays "DVI" in the top left corner when it comes back).

My first thought was that the monitor was going bad (it was a couple years old and an off brand). So we bought a new monitor. Hooked up the new monitor...same thing.

So next thought is maybe the video card is going bad, so we switch from DVI to HDMI. Same thing.

Next, I thought the video card might be going completely bad and the computer is about 5 years old so we buy a new computer. Same thing.

Tried a battery back up, same thing.

The monitor never loses power, just the screen goes black.

So to recap we have tried:
1. New monitor
2. Different connection
3. Different computer
4. Battery backup
5. Plugging it directly into the wall
6. All drivers are installed and up to date.

The only thing that hasn't changed is an Intel Solid State Drive...I am out of ideas!
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  1. It is a fresh install of Windows 7 on the new computer.
  2. Hmm. I think it is the cable/connection. I had the issue before and I unplugged and replugged my cable a few times into my screen AND graphics card and the problem was solved. Try using a VGA cable and see if that works.
  3. I actually have the same problem. Tried changing out cables, from VGA to HDMI and back again. Tried installing a new known good video card. Installed up-to-date drivers. Nothing still have the same issue. It almost seems like the signal is lost for a moment, and then just comes back. No clue how to fix at the moment. Any ideas?

    (the system in question also does not have a virus)
  4. In my case, I moved the whole PC across the room to a different power circuit and it stopped. I feel like that may be more of a coincidence than the solution, but it stopped, so I am happy.
  5. i have the exact same problem but at the bottom left of my screen it says "display driver has stopped and has recovered" i dont know what it means but im trying to play agame on my computer and it keeps disconnecting me from the game and its really fustrating
  6. I have the same problem but I noticed its like a resloution change process "as if itis changing to some resolution then reseting to the same resolution u had before it changed" so i tried changing my resolution from 1440x900 to 1024x768 which prevented the issue ...but it took me a couple of days to notice another thing if the screen flickers in a very very high spead every a couple of seconds like if it was doing the same thing with the 1440x900 resolution but in a very very high speed that i could not notice the black ...any ways iam sure i do not have any viruses since i have eset node32 and its fully updated so is my whole drivers are.
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