Help with the Graphic card for my mo-bo

After I took 3-4 years sabbtical from gaming and seldom using Desktop. I just got interested again by playing BF3 in PS 3. I am planning to upgrade in about 2 weeks. I wish to know which is a Good GC for my system.

My plans to get a mid range GC which future proof for atleast next 2years. All though I still see that I need to upgrade my mo-bo and CPU which I have no plans to upgrade for the immediate future..I am going for good GC.

My choices are
Radeon 6850
Radeon 6870
Radeon 7850

Which one would one would work with current system(spec mo-bo)? B/W AMD/ATI and Nvidia. which is good GC?
My current config
Intel C2Duo 2.95 gigz
500 GB SATA 2.0 HDD
Asrock G41-VC
PSU 400W
GC AMD 4350.
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  1. whats your budget
  2. you should go for the hd 7850 which is the best among your choices
    but if you are limited to a budget of around 150$ then hd 6870 is perfect..
  3. My budget is about $300. And I don't prefer AMD CPU's and ASRock mo-bo. My plan is to just get GC for now. And I am planning to get a Asus or Gigabyte with a intel processor with 8 Gb RAM later at the year end.

    I just need to know whether these AMD cards would work in my existing mo-bo(G-41 VC). It has 1x PCI-e slot only.
  4. your core 2 duo will bottleneck them but the HD 7850 is the best choice ?
  5. That's ok if it bottlenecks the GC for about a 4-months :??: . But I just want to one thing before I invest in that card.

    Is a equivalent nvidia card better than HD 7850?

    Or in other words are Ati cards better than Nvidia? pls suggest
  6. the equivalent to a HD 7850 would be a GTX 480 or GTX 570 which sucks a lot of power and produces huge amounts of heat where as the HD 7850 uses lew power and stays very cool and overclocks like champ to match a HD 7950 ?
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