Cooler master pro m2

Hi, i have the following setup:

Core i5 3570k
gigabyte z77-d3h
8gb ddr3 ram
gigabyte radeon hd 7850 2gb oc version
750 gb sata hdd

Currently i am using my 4 year old powersupply with it i.e. Cooler master extreme power duo 600w

i have decided to upgrade my supply, here is a link for cooler master silent pro m2 620w(which i have selected for the upgrade):

unfortunately corsair supplies arent available in my country( on corsair vs series is available which is just for entry level desktop pcs)

So what are your opinions? Is coolermaster silent pro m2 620w a good supply? can i go crossfire with it in the future(i am planning for two 7850 2gb versions in the near future)?

My 2nd question:
Can i use my old powersupply(coolermaster extreme powerduo 600w) with the following setup:

Core 2 quad q8400
4gb ram
500+160 gb hdd
Nvidia quadro fx4600

Do you think it can handle nvidia quadro fx 4600?

Thanks in advance, your reviews are much appreciated! :)
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  1. and do you think fx 4600 quadro can handle latest CAD applications like: Autocad plant 3d 2013, Autodesk revit mep 2013, Autocad 2013, Autocad Revit structure 2013, and Autodesk navisworks manage 2013??
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    ANSWER 1:
    Two HD 7850's in crossfire and even overclocked will only consume a little more than 400 watts.
    By 400 watts i mean not just the graphic cards but the whole system power consumption provided the CPU is not overclocked.

    Look at the HD 7850 crossfire review to get a better idea

    The Cooler Master M2 series are pretty damn stable and at 75% to 80% load they can even achieve 90+
    efficiency. Don't worry it will easily handle two HD 7850's

    ANSWER 2:
    The CM 600w that you mentioned can handle your fx4600 but lets not forget that this cheap PSU with cheap components and very bad voltage stability under load. So it might cause you problems every now and then especially during electrical fluctuations or power outages.
    I recommended you getting a cheap and good quality PSU like the Corsair CX430 V2 for this system.
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  4. thanks wapda11, your review is much appreciated
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