Mini PC (HTPC) to replace desktop

in, some sellers offer MacMini case and quite cheap I thought

then searching for suitable mainboard, and thinking unused short pin ddr2 memory and 2.5" disk drive back home

some giada product ( offer main board with dimension 170x170mm which suitable for MacMini case. the back panel is low profile also.
there is no PS/2 socket

are there any other suitable mainboard for MacMini case?

the goal is not multimedia PC but dekstop replacement
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  1. have you thought about , if you have seen them that is , the new NUC series of mini pc intel has now ?

    if you thinking about something that small to build yourself might be an easier option then trying to source parts for that macmini case
  2. I really like the new NUC units. In the US they are being offered at for a nice price
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