First Computer Build (need advices)

I would like to know if these parts are compatible together and if there is anything that I can take out/ improve I would like to know. Thankyou in advance :bounce:

Case: Corsair 600T (white)

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH

CPU: Intel Core i7 2700K

RAM:Corsair Vengeance 16 GB (4 x 2)+(4 x 2)

Graphics card: Gigabyte nvidia 680 -> GV-N680OC-2GD

HDD: WD Black 1 Tb

SSD: 240 GB Neutron GTX

CD/DVD recorder: Asus Black Blu-Ray Drive (not so serious)

CPU fan: Corsair H100 water cool

Fan controller: (Thinking about it. Any recommendations?)

Case fans: Corsair AF120/140 Quiet Edition Fan (120) (140)

PSU: About how much Watts do I need for this build?

THANKYOU! :pt1cable:
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  1. theoretical maxes:
    OC 2700K =204w (includes normal system items)
    OC GTX 680 = 195 W
    extra fans and pump= 40w
    439W on the 12v rail/SLi =634 W on 12v rail

    Real world according to THG running Benchmarks 300W and 475 for SLI (mostly on the 12 rail)

    so need a good 550W or better for running a single GPU and 750W for running SLI.
    Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, Silverstone, PC P&C, Antec are all good choices. you don't want to cheap out here.

    Fan controller thread
  2. Compatible, but I think you can do better.

    1) Since this is a gaming build, based on a GTX680, a 2700K is probably not the best cpu.
    A 3570K @$100 less would be better. Games rarely use more than 2-3 cores, so hyperthreading is not of much use.

    2) No game I know of uses more than 2-3gb. 8gb is a fine spot for a gamer. If you will be using 64 bit enabled apps, then 16gb is ok. Regardless, Ram is sold in kits for a reason.
    Ram from the same vendor and part number can be made up of differing manufacturing components over time.
    Some motherboards can be very sensitive to this.
    That is why ram vendors will not support ram that is not bought in one kit.
    Although, I think the problem has lessened with the newer Intel chipsets. Still,
    it is safer to get what you need in one kit.
    And, 1.5v ram does not need fancy heat spreaders which are mostly marketing. Just buy low profile ram which will not interfere with good air coolers. Here is a 16gb kit:

    3) The H100 will be noisy, less reliable, and not coolany better in your case than a good air cooler. For $30 you can buy a cm hyper212 which will do the job. For the best, look at the Noctua NH-D14, or phantek.

    4) The GTX680 needs a 550w psu with two 6 pin pci-e power leads.
    It is not wrong to go a bit stronger so the psu will have some headroom and operate in the more efficient middle third of it's range.
    Stick with quality such as Seasonic, Antec, Corsair, XFX, or PC P&C.
    Here is a 600w pcp&c unit(in white) that would do the job @$70 after rebate:

    5) I really like a SSD. But, I would stick with Intel or samsung for reliability.
    They make their own nand chips and do a better job of validation.
    I would pick the Intel 330 series 240gb unit @$200
    All modern SSD's perform about the same in actual use. Benchmarks are touted as differentiation, but the synthetic apps they use are nowhere near what we desktop users do.

    6) I prefer to set my fans at a constant low and quiet speed. If things heat up, so be it. No damage will be done.
    If you use noctua fans, you will get some low noise adapters. For others, a cheap zalman fanmate can do the job.
    I think the case includes a fan controller, so you might wait to see what you really need.

    7) As a first time builder, I suggest you take the time now to download and read, cover to cover, the case and motherboard manuals.
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