Integrated video card stop working after installing pci video card

I just bought a new Gateway desktop with an integrated video card. I needed a second VGA monitor (overhead slide projector), so I bought a second PCI video card. After installing the PCI video card, the integrated card is not working at all, just the new one. All the other posts about integrated video cards talk about disabling them, I actually want it to work as I need two VGA ports. The BIOS has nothing to change for display adapters so I'm not sure what to do now? Computer is running Windows 7.
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  1. u should be able to use a dvi>vga adapter to run two monitors on either the on board or pci card
  2. I do believe some computers are not able to do both, that is, when you add a video card, the integrated video will not work any more, unless you disable the card. You basically get one or the other, not both. My own PC is one of those, using an integrated Radeon 4200. Check the specs for that specific computer, for mine, it was listed there as a note near where it had instructions for adding a video card.
  3. After a little research, I'm pretty sure the integrated video card gets disabled on the Gateway mobo when a PCI card is installed. I wish I would have known that before I purchased the additional video card because I could have used the dvi>vga adapter with the integrated video card and saved myself $60 for the second video card!!!!! The tech guys at Best Buy should have known better - I told them EXACTLY what I needed when I purchased the brand new Gateway computer/monitor and the second video card. :(
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