MB connections for front panel

I want to have 2 extra front panels on my pc - 1 for reading sd cards - and 1 with speaker / mic + 4 usbs and a firewire.
the sd panel has a header connector to MB -
Q: where do i put it?

The usb/ firewire has plugs and jacks for ports - I want to strip the wires and put MB connectors on them.

Q: how do I connect the speaker/ mic wires to the one AAFP and does that shut the back panel ports as I do need them ?
If sd card goes to usb - then I'm one short.

Q: can I use the ieee1394 as I don't need firewire i front(there is one in back panel)
I would like these connections done internally - pins and crimptools are not a problem.

the MB I'm using is Asus P5WD2 Premium
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  1. The first question is slightly unclear, but, here goes,
    The front panel connectors on your case should already have the plastic rectangular sort of pin socket connectors on them which plug into the Mobo. The mobo must have internal USB/firewire etc etc sockets on it.

    Second Q:
    The same sort of connector is there for the Audio and you need to plug that into the Mobo header provided, you have it on the board.
    No, it will not switch off the rear audio panel unless and until you plug something into the front panel.
  2. You are right - they should have but they don't. They have the male end of a USB cable and audio Jacks so I need to strip the wire and put pin socket connectors ón them
  3. The most important question is really - Can I use the FireWire connection ón the mobo for USB
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    Gotsaed said:
    The most important question is really - Can I use the FireWire connection ón the mobo for USB

    No you can't.

    I've run into a similar issue in the past. My solution was a pretty cheap card which put firewire jacks on the back, but ALSO internal one to hook the header to (there are several similar configurations):
  5. bought it and installed it - thank you
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