New build for elderly parents.

So my folks are using a really old P4 system and I thought it would be a nice out of the blue gesture to build them a new rig. Obviously a budget build to fit their needs.

Approximate Purchase Date: Around 2 weeks.

Budget Range: $500

System Usage from Most to Least Important: web surfing, casual gaming, and a strange obsession with Google Earth.

Are you buying a monitor: Yes

Do you need to buy OS: No (Have a left over from a previous W7pro 3-pack)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg Amazon

Location: Connecticut USA

Parts Preferences: None for this build.

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: No

Your Monitor Resolution: Aiming for a 1080 have one in mine which will be shared below.

Additional Comments: As stated before this will be a budget build for my parents whom are quite up there in age. They do play casual games but of course nothing intense so no dedicated GPU is needed. I would like to aim for a decent CPU to bring a quick and smooth experience as possible for them and to work as the GPU.
Now onto the things I have considered and would like you all to critique

A6-3670K/A75/4GB/1.5TB SuperCombo $314+ $20 shipping total $334

Acer S231HLbid Black 23" 5ms HDMI Widescreen LED-Backlight LCD monitor $115

Microsoft Desktop 400 5MH-00001 Black USB Wired Standard Keyboard $20

The would total $469. Of course I am fully open to hearing alternatives. The Combo seems a bit overkill to their needs but seems to be a decent price but I do worry about the quality of the PSU that comes with the case.
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  1. I started thinking that wasn't bad combo, til I spotted Raidmax PSU. Anything but that!!
    I would have thought, if they only want very basic gaming, The latest i3-3225 would be a perfect choice, assuming they're not into a lot of photo/video editing. Has HD4000 on board graphics, plenty for casual gaming.
    Match that with a fairly basic H77 motherboard (all the goodness of Ivybridge), something like an Antec BP350w PSU, and you're on your way towards a nice little system, at reasonable cost.
  2. CPU: I'd get either a celeron, pentium or i3.

    PSU: XFX, Seasonic or corsair 350watt max.

    Mobo: Cheapest Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, or ASrock you can get.

    RAM: 2x2GB RAM, 1333mhz

    HDD: Western Digital 250GB Green Caviar

    Case: Cheapest and nice looking

    DVD: Any Cheap one with decent speeds
  3. The Pentium is a good choice.
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