Tmpin reading 166 degrees in CPUID??????

Hey got a overclock going , been monitoring it and just saw that it says 166 degrees tmpin in cpuid, with hwinfo im pretty sure im looking at the same thing and it says 39. If it was really 166 it wouldnt be running would it??? cheers.

All the other temps look normal..

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  1. Is that celcius or farenheit? If farenheit, it's tolerable, but you'll need to tell us all exactly what motherboard,CPU and cooler you're using, as well as telling us exactly what overclock you've got and with what voltage.

    On the other hand, if that's celcius UNPLUG NOW!!!
  2. It's Celsius!!! I'm hoping its a mistake with cpuid. Is systin in hwinfo the same as tmpin in cpuid? I linked a screenshot of both! Freakin out!! I had a quick feel inside the case and it didn't seem bad. Over clock is a 3570k running at 4.4 just with a multiplier of 44 and +100 offset voltage. Running at 1.35 max at full load. Temps are fine on CPU and gpu apart from that, I have a spinq vt heat sink that keeps the CPU under 70.
  3. It would auto shutdown wouldn't it if it was really that temp??
  4. cheers guys.
  5. mick500 said:
    cheers guys.

    If it was 166c your computer would be dead in an instant. If it's not dying down from those temps, it's obvious that it's just a misreading from CPUID
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