Is this system OK for 1000$?

Hi! I have searched for my new build, and I think that I am really new to this, so can you please rate this system, and is this good for $1000?I have got this offer from a Canadian guy online and I only have 16 hours to respond. My Monitor will be shipped on October and it is an Overlord Tempest OC(439$) which can be overclock to 120Hz refresh rate, its max res is 2560x1440 so I need to run games on 120 FPS and resolution 2560x1440.
And this is his offer:

You are bidding on BRAND-NEW Intel Core i5 2600K Quad Core Ivy Bridge Processor overclocked to 4.3+GHz Gaming PC watercooled by a CPU Liquid Cooling System complete with a 120MM PWM Fan pushing air through its radiator mounted to the back of the case & a 120MM Black Cooling Fan for a push-and-pull configuration in keeping the CPU cool. It has 120MM Blue LED Case Fan bringing in cool air from the front into the Lian Li PC-60FNWB ATX Aluminum Mid Tower Black Case W/ Side Window.

It has TWO x GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2GB Video Cards in an SLI configration for games & PhysX. These cards in 3DmarkVantage score an UNBELEIVEABLE 22,449 points at the Extreme Setting!

It has 16GBs of (2X8GB) DDR3-1600 RAM, a DVD-Writer, and 240GB of hard drive space! Though you might not think it's not a lot BUT it has two TWO 120GB SATA3 SSD x RAID 0 array, combined together for fast bootsups, maximum performance for all your programs & applications, & *GAMES*. The entire gaming system is powered by a name-brand 750W Power Supply.

Total $1010(No monitor)
Every comment is appreciated, thank you for helping!
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    Only 16 hours to respond..Is this Mission Impossible?

    It seems like an awfully robust system for the asking price, so my initial impression is I feel a little dubious about this. Seems almost too good to be true. I don't know the particulars, but unless you have some sort of guarantees I would be cautious.
  2. This guy has 100% positive feedback on ebay so I think he isn't a scam, I bid this system at 1010$ and other guy won the bid on 1075$, then this merchant give me second chance to buy this system at my bidding price.
  3. The guy doesn't know whether his CPU is an i5 or an i7. He's unable to name any brands either obviously, and the PSU is probably shite :P
  4. He corrected it in the comment, is there anyone know about ebay customer protection?
  5. And it takes him 1 month to assemble and ship it from Canada to US, maybe he is one of the guy who has connection with the wholesale price and then went out to create his own computer brand. Please tell me should I buy it?He give me 90 days warranty.
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