6950 Crossfire Microstuttering/Tearing Issues

Hi everyone!

I just got my 2nd 6950 in the mail yesterday and was finally able to get Diablo 3 working in CFX mode. This is where the problem started occurring though. BTW I use 12.7b drivers.

Running Fraps, with the 2 cards, I can easily hit 120 FPS max settings on my 60Hz monitor, while running in Alternate Frame Rendering(AFR) mode. However, I still see microstuttering or tearing in the game. With vsync on, I either get tearing(rarely) or microstuttering(every so often) but my Fraps reports 60 constant FPS. This bothered me so I started playing around with the Crossfire modes in RadeonPro.

Here are the settings I used:
4x AA
8x AF
Default MVPU settings

When I play in AFR mode set through RadeonPro(not through default catalyst settings), I get slightly less FPS, at around 100 without vsync, but there's a bit less tearing and microstuttering(though not completely removed). With vsync, I would still get microstuttering every once in a while, but at least no more tearing.

Now with Scissor and Supertile mode, it started getting a bit interesting.

With scissor, I was barely able to get 20 FPS, without Vsync, which made the game completely unplayable, so I threw that option right out of the window.

With Supertile, I was actually able to get a good 60 FPS with AND without vsync. The best part about it was that there was absolutely no tearing or microstuttering noticeable, which was GREAT! This was the case until the load got intense on the cards, which would drop the FPS to about 40-45 with or without vsync. If it only weren't for this, my MS and Tearing issues would have disappeared.

Now saying all this, what is the best way for me to remove all my MS and tearing issues in-game WHILE keeping my FPS at max(60 I plan to keep vsync on always)?
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  1. Have you tried not using the in game v-sync, and instead forcing v-sync on in CCC. I ask this because I've found the in game v-sync doesn't work correctly for me, but Nvidia's control panel game over ride works great.
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