PC case with good airflow Zalman 11 or 9+?

Hey guys,I found the Zalman 11+ to suit my needs but it's sold in Amazon(and they only ship to my country).So I need a substitute. I like the Zalman Z11 but i'm not sure how many fans it has. I liked the Z 11+ cause it had an extra fan shipped and 2xUSB 3.0 front ports which my Mobo has.
I know that i need a good airflow for my Zambezi CPU ,so i'm at a crossroad.
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  1. Well? Zalman Z9+ or Zalman Z11 (standard)?
  2. Both are decent, i'd get the z9 plus, it's cheaper.
  3. the price is the same in Amazon ( under Z11 i mean not the plus version but the regular Z11)
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