Issues with my new 560ti (HELP!)

Hello, I just upgraded my dell precision 490 to a pretty nice GPU. I'm not sure what the issue is but when I test out my games (BFBC2 and Just Cause 2) I'm getting really bad FPS, Around 15-20. The specs on the dell are two Intel Xeon 5110 CPU's (WoodCcrest) 1.6Ghz and 4GB RAM DDR2 (266HMz) Can anybody help me? I really want to play BF3 soon.
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  1. Aren't Xeon CPUs terrible for gaming? My guess is that is your problem (but it is just a guess - I dunno for sure how those CPUs are).
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    Its your CPU -- 1.6Ghz is terrible for BF and Just cause. For any type of gaming you really want at least a 2.3 or higher.
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  4. Even with that bad ass GPU?
  5. yup, even with that GPU
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