560ti water coooling

So back in january i got a second 560ti to run in SLI and i noticed playing some newer games (unless i crank the fan on 65% and leave it there) that they can get pretty hot (85-90c)

Even with the fan cranked that high they still get around 70-80c if i play over a long period of time. (4-6hours)

So I thought about going liquid cooling for the video cards but I dont know where to start.

I found the waterblocks for them

But I dont know where to start from there. I'm a watercooling noob. Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. That's definitely why I came here to ask about it. THanks for the links to the guides too btw.

    I guess im kind of an anal andy? when it comes to my PC so seeing those temps made me worry about the longevity of the system. Good to know those temps are acceptable tho.

    Appreciate it.
  2. We are in both situation my inno3d 560ti is getting hot as hell. do 560 ti is the only one experiencing this? Damn i need help please read my post glad if you can share something

    P.S. what are SLI? lol sorry newb. You mean you got 2 cards using at a time?
  3. Anything below 90c is fine for the 560ti. so dont worry and enjoy ur cards
  4. Bigmack - well it is my 2nd videocard now issued by my supplier and i got the same problem lol

    Weezys_advo - How do you know? IF my vid card raised upto 75 degrees when in game its getting laggy
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