Just upgraded processor and there is a problem!!! need help!

i just upgraded my processor to this one AMD Phenom II X4 965 BlackEdition

my mainboard is : BIOSTAR NF520A2-TE (it is socket AM2+ but it still support this processor)
i updated today my BIOS and put my new processor and everything boot up fine , bios is under default optimized settings!
but look at this screenshot http://prntscr.com/qus1z
it runs on 800MHz while it is supposed to run 3.4GHz , really strange!
I don't know what to do...

my power supply is 450W TrendSonic T-450ATX Trend Sonic , screenshot http://i.imgur.com/XIwwVIv.jpg
maybe PSU is problem?

my previous processor was "amd dual core 2.7GHz"
also my graphics card is nvidia geforce 9600gt ddr3 512mb
ram is 2gb DDR2

i need quick help guys!

thanks in advance!
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  1. id reset the bios cmos, battery and customize the options in bios to be in sync with ur processor and memory.


    that should work.
  2. iceclock said:
    id reset the bios cmos, battery and customize the options in bios to be in sync with ur processor and memory.


    that should work.

    Can i clear CMOS with utility that i used to update BIOS , cuz it have that option to select?
    but how u mean to sync bios settings with my processor i don't get it ?
  3. remove the battery instead.

    like go in and manually set what u want. like memory timing, default voltage. memory speed. cpu settings. onboard stuff.
  4. What I come up with is 3.214GHz (4 x 803.72= 3214.88), but it does not list the max TDP at 125, check your BIOS for right settngs.
  5. ya well he chose optimized settings thats why i recommanded to manually insert values.
  6. yes but i don't know what values to enter?
    also in bios there is no voltage or such thing there is only voltage for RAM o.O
  7. hmm. er using default i presume would work.
  8. its already under default and there is no option to change multiplier , maybe if i increase multiplier it will be normal, is there some tool for that?
    i tried AMD OverDrive but it dont support my chipset nvidia...:(((
  9. well change the multiplyer to get ur default clock speed for ur cpu.
  10. Have you checked CPUZ while stressing the CPU i.e playing a game.

    You may have power saving options on which lowers voltage & speeds while 'idle' & should go to full power once you're doing heavy tasks.
  11. yes thats possible. thats why he needs to disable those power savings options in the bios.


    look at ur manual should explain all the settings.
  12. http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=359#cpu

    is that your motherboard?

    :/ i cannot see a Phenom II x4 965 BE on that list If your motherboard doesn't support 125W CPU's you will not get that running at full speed.
  13. I taked screenshots of my bios
    this is voltage: http://i.imgur.com/gENNbt0.jpg
    this is for CPU: http://i.imgur.com/u6bitHm.jpg

    maybe there is not enough power idk or i should buy new motherboard ?
  14. yes you will have to buy a new motherboard if you want to make use of your phenom II x4 965 i'm actually surprised it even boots with that CPU & i'd suggest a new PSU.
  15. hmm, sounds like maybe u need a new-mobo buddeh
  16. so i should buy new motherboard that support AM3 socket , right?
    and new psu
  17. yes, ur ps is weak and generic bad quality, motherboard is biostar thats just not very good quality.

    whats ur budget and country of origin?
  18. i will figure something out, thanks guys for help!
  19. alright cheers.
  20. You have cool and quiet enabled in the bios, that reading of 800Mhz is cool and quiet lowering the the core frequency of the cpu, As soon as you run an intensive program the clock speed rams up to the max the cpu can operate at and auto change the multiplier.

    One cause.

    The other is the Fsb of the cpu is 200Mhz, so set that then you want a multiplyer of 17. 200x17=3400Mhz.

    The stock speed of the BE. Next you need to set the right revision of silicone the cpu is using the stepping. And set the frequency Cpu DID to the right setting it wants.
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