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i am building amd dessktop with this config:
sapphire 990fx pure black motherboard,
sapphire hd7770 1gb graphics card,
corsair dominator 8gb(4gb*2) ram 1600mhz or above(suggest better one),
processor i am waiting for amd fx piledriver 6series or 6 core to release.for current idea is fx6200.
cabinet is cooler master 690 II advanced.
asus xonar escence stx sound card prefering or none.(suggest one)
1.5 tb or 2tb wd carviar 7200rpm hdd.
now please suggest me a best 80+ gold rated or bronze rate psu and how much watt required, and also guide me how much air cooling fans required. also suggest the best deal...
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  1. It's a bit difficult to give accurate advice, when talking about a processor that's not yet available. You are unlikely to have a real power requirement much above 400w, as things stand. It's probably wise to allow a little more as, whilst you don't state monitor resolution, or what capability you want, I suspect you may upgrade your graphics card, before long. Whilst it is probably more than you need, I would think a power supply around 500w would be wise. I would think either Seasonic M12II 520w 80 Plus Bronze, or Rosewill Capstone 550M 80 Plus Gold. Both those have the advantage of being modular. When there are details of the CPU, you propose, it may be possible to drop PSU rating. If you are getting "Black edition", to overclock, you will need to add an aftermarket cooler. As regards sound card, mobo has pretty reasonable onboard sound. I would suggest wait and see (or hear). You can always add a xonar later, if you find onboard inadequate. RAM is fine. Alternatives might be Crucial Ballistic Sport or GSkill Ares. Really not a lot to be gained above 1600 MHz.
  2. give me a budget
    parts not required
    crossfire in the future?

    ill build something better

    1:fx is bad for games. a i3 can beat it.
    2: if you are waiting for piledriver, get the new motherboards then
    3:the 7770 is pretty weak
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