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New Computer horrible resolution! AMD 7970 xfire

Ive just recently built a new computer with a friend and the end result is filled with disappointment. The resolution on my LG 37LE5300 hdtv 1080p came out horrible as it is fuzzy and it doesn't even fit the whole TV screen. My old computer with AMD athlon II and gtx 9800 graphic card produced a perfect 1920x1080 resolution.

Info new cpu

Intel i-5 3570k
ASRock extreme4 motherboard
8gb ram

Visiontek 7970 xfire (already tried installing lastest driver)
window 7 home 64bit OS

using old HHD sata 2 i believe form 7 years ago

hdmi to hdmi
amazon hdim to hdim
amazon hdim to dvi
mindisplay port to hdim
minidisplayport to dvi
minidisplayport to dvi-VGA adapter
minidisplayport to hdmi-dvi adapter

half of these cables made the problem worst.

I already tried messing with the screen resolution on the control panel (each and every resolution) none completly fit the TV nor produce a refine resolution. The words are thin and unclear.

Ive changed the aspect ration on the TV menu if i zoom in it would fit the whole TV but still wth horrible graphics.

Ive tried messing with the catalyst control center to change the resolution but still no improvement. But i did get the scaling option to work. (but i didnt need to do this for old computer!)

Catalyst Control Center

property----LG TV 1920x1080 max refresh 70hz
Pixel Format is at YCbCr 4:4:4 i tiredd the RGBs but doesnt improve.

sometimes my screen flickers the more i mess with the catalyst control center

Please help!
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  1. Sounds like your drivers are playing up or one on your cards is faulty. Have you tried each card individaully?
  2. which driver version are you currently using.
  3. I havnt't tried each card individually. and I used the AMD driver autodetecter and install the lastest driver so im not sure
  4. version is 8.980.0.0
  5. It's possible that the crossfire is screwing it up. Also make sure the refresh rates on your PC display properties match exactly to the refresh rates of your TV. Check the TV manual to find out what they are.

    I would start by:

    1) Match the refresh rates, using direct HDMI out.
    2) If that doesn't work, keep the refresh rates and remove one card from the system and see if that works.
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    Looks to me like you have no clue on the drivers.

    First, delete whatever Catalyst Control Center drivers you have in the control panel, the AMD driver autodetector sucks.

    Go here:

    Download the 12.7 Beta drivers AND the 12.7 CAP1 drivers.

    Install the 12.7 Beta drivers first, then install the 12.7 CAP1 drivers.

    Once you have both of these drivers installed correctly, you should have no problems whatsoever with your xfire setup.
  7. Its the flat panel scaling in the Catalyst Vision Center, need to go the the digital flat panel, go to underscan, and change it to 0%
  8. I think mindless is right, I remember reading about that in an amazon review lol. Shame it didn't come to me sooner!
  9. mindless, your method works with my other monitor as238h-p but on my LG TV it doesn't work and the graphic looks so crapy. Im going to try dalmvern's suggestion in a second.
  10. ok cool. dalmvern you have solved my fullscreen problem. but the shitty graphics and resolution still exist. The words on my 37" are still really blurry and the icons are extremely small for a normal size.
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