How do i make my cable management better?

Hey, how do i make my cable management better? it's really bad, i have a fractal Design Core 1000.
I've tried cable ties.. but that didn't really work. My case is not really for cable management i geuss :/ i get around 30c temps when i'm just searching the internet and stuff. If i need a new case, i would like one which is pretty small (so it can sit under my desk) good dust filters , and good sound proofing + good cablemangement)

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  1. looks like you managed a better job than the guys @ anandtech did :D just not a particularly great case for cable management. i'd maybe use some cable ties to attach extra cable length to the underside of the hard drive cage, keep the excess wire out of the way of airflow. doesn't seem to be much else to do.
  2. Okay thanks :) I think i might just cable tie everything together :)
  3. You can buy good cable tidy products online here:

    And good quality..
  4. different colour electrical tape!
  5. I need smaller pictures to work with but you are up against it hehe,
    Send it to me with a large crate of beer and return postage paid
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