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so i have no problem when it comes to putting a computer together its just im not very good on specs and stuff and what i should stay away from and what not. i dont wanna spend more then a 100 bucks if possible? anyone have any suggestions for a new pci express video card? cause i know some of them are made by off brands and such and i dont want to buy one and then regret it. thnx in advance
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  1. HD 7750.

    HD 7770 would likely exceed $100...but may be worth checking for a sale.

    Here's a review on the HD 7750 including comparisons with other graphics cards at different rezs with a variety of newer games:


  2. A tad over $100, but the GTX 460 is the best card in that range.

    I believe it is 15-20% faster than the 7750.
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