New Computer - Beeps Twice need help!

Hello all, I hope this is the right place to post this.

I built my first computer last night and everything seemed to be fine. It started up great, ran just like it should. I installed Windows 7 on it and shut it down for the night since it was 3am. When I woke up this morning to install all the system drivers, the computer keeps beeping 2 times about every minute. It was not doing this last night. Anyone have any ideas on what to do? I tried doing the trick of pulling the batt off the MB for a few mins and replacing it. It did not work at all....

I would love for my new computer to be up and running so any help you guys can give is appreciated!

PRO: I-7 IVY 3770K
RAM: G-SKILL 16GB 2400
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  1. Never mind guys I am an idiot... It is my after market fan controller that is beeping at me because I don't have 1 of the fans hooked up in the slots and the cable was reading 0 RPM... I feel like an idiot.
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