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i have a few questions if anyone would answer them.....anyways 1: i just put in 4 gb of ram 2x2gb ddr 2 6400 i have 2x1gb ram already im running win 7 ultimate edition 64 bit it say 6.00 gb instilled 3.12 gb usable why is that??
2: i just bought a new processor haven't got it yet its in the mail on it way im running a intel R cpu 2160 dual core 1.80GHz i bought a Pentium D 950 which one is goin to be better and i have a 400watt PSU is that goin to be enough power to run it as well just trying to build a new computer for gaming just basic thank you
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  1. Sounds like you're using 32-bit Windows, which would do that exact same thing. You indicate that you have 64-bit - are you 100% sure? I can't think of anything else that would give you this problem.
  2. You MUST be using 32 bit it a legal version ?
  3. umm it is 64 bit and no @Brett928s2
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