Haven't upgraded in 5 years, looking for advice on this build.

I haven't upgraded for five years... So, I want to clear out my Cosmos case and upgrade this thing. My budget is in the $1200 range. Here are the parts I'm looking at, despite the total on this wish list, with the combo special on the motherboard, RAM and processor, it comes out to $1209, plus they thrown in a $15 gift card and a copy of Borderlands 2. I have to check out my power supply because I may have to upgrade that as well, any advice on brand/wattage would be helpful. I have to take some measurements because I'm a little concerned about the size of the cooler and the RAM. The original Cosmos is pretty huge so I think I should be ok on room there.

I primarily use my computer for gaming and photo editing and I am running a resolution of 1920x1200...

Wish List:

Proc, Mobo, RAM combo:

CPU Cooler - Noctua NH-D14 SE2011

Video Card - ASUS GTX670-DC2-2GD5

HDD - Seagate Barracuda ST3000DM001 3TB 7200 RPM
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  1. Photo editing won't really make full use of an i7. The Sabertooth is overpriced for its features.
  2. I mainly swapped up to the Sabertooth because the combo knocks $60 off the price, which dropped it down to the price of the motherboard I was looking at
  3. Where is the PSU?
  4. I was looking for advice on that. I may stick with that I have, but I have to check the specs on it and see if I need to upgrade. What wattage do you think I should shoot for?
  5. If I were you I would drop down to an i5 and get an ssd.
  6. I've got the SSD covered outside of the budget, the HDD on there is mainly for storage...
  7. 520W if not CF/SLIng and 750W if you are.
  8. Yeah, I don't think I plan on SLIing.. by the time I ever get around to going SLI it ends up being cheaper to just buy a whole new card :)

    When I get home I'll see what my PSU situation looks like. Any PSU brand recommendations?
  9. It depends on both the brand and series, but most importantly on the reviews by jonnyguru, hardocp, etc.

    For general recommendations:
    Corsair HX/AX/CX (maybe)/TX (AX/HX is not needed as the difference between Gold and Bronze certification isn't too big)
    Antec TP/Earthwatts/NEO ECO/HCG
    all Seasonic
    all XFX
    Rosewill Green (maybe)/HIVE/CAPSTONE
    OCZ ModXStream 600W (or 500W)/ZT/ZX/ZS (although a bit loud the last 3)
    LSP Gold Aurum
  10. I think I'll definitely need to add a PSU in there. I'm pretty sure I have an old 400w PC Power and Cooling silencer PSU in there now.
  11. It outputs 360W of power. Pretty good.
    The power consumption of a system with a REFERENCE GTX 670 GPU OCed and a 2600k OCed is 336W.
    Your PSU is just fine.
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