Can I force x16 on top PCIE slot while also having a different card in the other

I have a M4A89TD PRO/USB3 board and (for the sake of argument and confusion), its required for me to have the video card in the top most PCIE x16 Slot and a Creative X-Fi card in the other x16 slot. Reason is that the video card "pushes" the sound card to the bottom x16 slot.

My question is, how can I get the video card to run at x16 instead of x8? If I take the sound card out, it will then run at x16.
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  1. what video card you have that use 3 slots? Isn't the x-fi card only required a x1?
  2. If im understanding you correctly, the answer is no. That board does shave two pciex16 slots, but with both of them being used, only one will run at full speeds.

    That being said, i dont understand why you couldnt use the bottom pciex16 for the vid card, and one of the pcie x1 for the x-fi card. This would fix your problem.

    I cant see why the video card would have to be "above" the x-fi card.

    Also, is the sound card really neccesary? the board has onboard audio that should support surround sound.
  3. If you have a 3-slot wide graphics card, just use on-board audio. If it's only a double wide card, then use the PCI-Ex4 slot for your X-FI card. Personally, I'd just use the on-board audio.

    -Wolf sends
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