CPU? Problems.

Hello everyone,

I've got

Intel i5 2500k
Zalman cnps 11x
Asus P8P67 Rev.3
4x2Gb DDR3 G.Skill RipjawsX (now i know i should have 2 sticks instead of 4 to oc)
Asus GTX460 Top DC 1Gb
Samsung F3 1TB
Antec Truepower 700w

Last year i was running this setup @ 4.5Ghz, OCed it according to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlRw-1V6-Yk , the only thing that's different is the Ram frequency 1333 cuz since i've added 2 more sticks of ram i can't run it @ 1600, and saved the bios oc setup, everything was perfect for months, my 3dMark Vantage scores were always the ~ the same like in the old Screenshots.

Old ss's i had is Stock not OC'ed


Then when i stopped playing WoW, i removed the OC and it stayed like that for 6 months, now that i went back to the game i've loaded up the oc setup and in 3DMark Vantage this is what i'm getting...(Updated drivers and Bios, redid the OC and it's the same)


The CPU Test 2 results and the Features results are way low now.
Finished running just CPU bench in Vantage and it's the same, low values on those tests...

Right now i can't play WoW, as soon as i engage a boss with 10 or 25 other players i get huge breaks... But playing alone and in 5 man parties it's fine altough with fps loss.
So, i really don't know what else to do and i'm assuming the CPU is gone but...

Thanks in advance
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  1. sandybridge degradation?! say it aint so! say it aint so!
  2. What voltage is your CPU running at? If it is high enough, it could have been slowly killing your CPU.
  3. "Intel has verified (through their Sandy Bridge technical PDFs and online chats) that 1.52v is the max 'safe' vcore. As long as you can keep temps under control, you can go that high. Of course, keeping it lower than that would be a good idea, just in case..."

    Right now it's @ 1.35, the max that i went due to BSOD's was 1.38 and it was stable.

    As you can see in the screenshots the first cpu test is normal, just the second (Physics) and some of the features are low.

    Thanks again.
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