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PC/TV resolution problem

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
July 27, 2012 11:43:10 PM

Good evening First off wanted to say thanks to everybody on this site. I have been a reader for several years but had never had a problem I couldn't find an answer to.

I have an e-Machines (I know, not a big fan either) ER1401-57 mini computer hooked up to a Mitsubishi WD-65838 DLP televisioin. The PC is used for streaming NetFlix and Hulu only, no other computer use. Everything worked fine from the moment it was hooked up until yesterday. When the kids turned the TV on I had lost the full screen resolution. I can't remember what it had changed to but it left a wide gap on both sides, top and bottom and the screen only covered a little over half of the TV. I have tried about every combination of resolutions but none are working. Most still leave the gaps and others, like the native 1920x1080 of the TV are oversized and distorted. I hooked my laptop up to the TV and had the same problem. I hooked the e-Machines up to a different monitor and it worked fine. All other devices (DVD, XBox, Antenna) work fine on the TV.

Any ideas?

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July 28, 2012 12:53:43 AM

Hey IONDoyle,

Are you connected into your TV via a VGA or a HDMI? VGA should be fairly straight forward and automatic but if your connected in with a HDMI, PC to TV can give you the common scenario with the resolution being slightly off when connected this way, basically the TV doesnt realise the signal is a PC signal you need to tell it. using your TV remote have a search through the menus one of two options should sort this problem.

1) Screen - Aspect ration - and set it so "Just scan"

2) Perhaps the better option, select the HDMI channel your PC signal is on the TV and one way or another you should be able to scroll trough labels e.g. VCR, Xbox etc set it to "PC"... some TV's this will be somewhere from the main menu but others let you scroll through your inputs by using the source button on your remote, hover over the PC's HDMI and try pressing right or left to scroll through the labels

manually writing a "PC" label on the input that so many TV's allow you to do perhaps wont work but as a last resort could be worth a shot but preferably your looking for a preset list.

Hope this helps

All assumptious that your using HDMI