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I need some help. What I'm trying to do is to build an ITX rig, the problem is that I wanna build in a case that isn't very tall. I've been used to playing alot of Xbox, and it sort of sits on the table in my living room nicely, not taking up alot of space. I also like having a case i can just store next to the tv or put in the tv shelf. That's mainly why I would love to have a low case, I'm thinking sort of the shape like an Xbox 360. This brings out some problems I'm hoping to solve.

First comes the GPU problem. When mounted to a motherboard, high end GPU's stand upright, thus only fitting in cases that are tall. Now, an Xbox would never have space for a GPU standing upright, however laying down the GPU would fit, but then the motherboard would have to be upright, so that wouldn't work. What I'm wondering here is, would there be a possibility to have an external PCI Express cable going out of the PCI Express slot and then maybe mounting it on side and make GPU lay halfway over the motherboard? I haven't been able to find much info regarding this.

Next is the Powersupply. They are quite large and squared. What if this could be made rectangle and the height could somehow be put into it beeing longer instead. Could this be done and is there any PCU's like this? I know I might need to do something custom here, the question then is, would it be possible to take apart a normal PCU and making it slimer and longer? Perhaps a professional company could do this?

This might sound like a little to high efford build, I'm also doing watercooling on the CPU and GPU to save some space. I'm gonna post some drawings of the case and what my idea will be to give you guys a better look on what I'm thinking. Meanwhile thanks for any answers and ideas guys, mostly appreciated!
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  1. falcon northwest tiki. Tom's has an article on it tiki to give you an idea of how to create the type of set up you are looking for.
  2. I build custom HTPC/Gaming rigs into old NES cases. Currently I have 2 different version AMD E-350 with a 6570 2gb GDDR3 card and an i3 2100 with a 6670 GDDR5 vid card built into the case. As well as 10k Velociraptors, 150w mini itx PSU, laptop DVD burner, USB ports in front instead of the old NES controller plugs, all the buttons and lights work. Its good work :) Been dying to try an XBOX as it is pretty big and would allow me to put a micro ATX, and a full sized vid card in it. GOnna work on that project next. The i3 runs BF3 on high at 720p brilliantly, im quite pleased. The only thing you could put in an XBOX 360 case MIGHT be an E-350 from AMD or a mini itx intel build, and would have to use built in graphics.
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