Dvi ad hdmi output not working on intel hd graphics 3000

When I first built my pc I used a dvi connection to connect my proview monitor to intel graphics 3000 using a gigabyte z68a-d3h-b3 with the latest f13 bios. Everything worked great, then i decided to use my lcdtv as a display, so i removed the dvi monitor and hooked up the lcdtv with an hdmi cable. Worked with no issue. Once I was done I hooked the pc back up to my proview monitor through dvi and got no signal. So I decided to try the hdmi that was working previously but that also didnt work. I got an old vga monitor and hooked it up and that worked.

So the vga monitor works, when just the dvi monitor is plugged in , there is no signal even during the post screen only reason i know its on is because i can access it remotely through my laptop.

I have tried uninstalling the graphics drivers and reinstalling them, I have gone into the bios and it up so the onboard is always on, I have even install windows 7 again but nothing works. I have also tried to erase the cmos.

If someone has gotten this isssue and fixed it please let me know how.

My build is;

i5 2500k

no discrete gpu

using onboard intel graphics 3000

8 gbs corsair ram at 1333ghz

60gb ocz agility 3 ssd

1tb western digital storage drive

600 w powercolor psu
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  1. Usually only one or the other of the digital outputs work at a time that is DVI and HDMI. One or the other should work with a second VGA monitor.
  2. I have tried a single hdmi by shuting down and connecting hdmi, no vidoe , tried the same with dvi same no signal. This Competely suck , and every where I lookk on line other ppl are having the same issue with no solution. i have noticed the problemis mostley gigabyte board and z68 chipsets.
  3. If this helps, my card (HD6950) generally likes to favor HDMI connections over DVI ones.

    But you have integrated so this might have no relevance at all.
  4. thanks for the reply, I used my old pc s hd4350 and dvi works now but now my old pc has no gpu and hd4350 has no hdmi connector so cant hook up to lcdtv. Might just have to shell out for a new gpu which sucks because i should have intel graphics.
  5. You could just get something really cheap. Were you planning on using the graphics for gaming?
  6. thanks for the reply but it just scks that i eve have to spend 40 bucks on top of what i paid for the i5 when i should have graphic already. Btw no i dont do alot of gamng
  7. Then you could just get a cheap display card.

    I mean you could still try to fix the problem, but in the end its going to be a little easier to just get a new card.
  8. Why buy something cheap, if you have a faulty motherboard return it.
  9. ^That too. Get a new one and see if that solves it.
  10. I contacted gigabyte on thursday and intel also on thursday, I still have not heard back, I bought the board from newegg and the i5 2500 wit intel graphics on tigerdirect, The mobo waranty says 3 yr parts and labour, I ntel also has a 3 yr warrany but I have not heard back from anyone. Tey are all over you to buy their products but when something goes wrog they dont answer or take thier sweet time, as if our time is not valuable. I am sure when they inally get back to me they will blame the problem on other system components.
  11. Unfortunately, you will need to buy a graphics card because Intel can not solve this issue for long time see the link : http://communities.intel.com/threa [...] 5&tstart=0

    Make sure not to buy Intel graphics this time !!!!!!!
  12. cannot access the link
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