560 TI 448 Throttle issue

I had recently just moved a older rig of mine over to a friends house to play when i go over there. specs are Core2 Quad Q6600( Oc 3.2ghz ), 4gb 800mhz DDR2 ram, 1tb western digital caviar blue,EVGA classified 560 ti 448. I am having problems while playing diablo 3. I have tried several sets of drivers and Oc card and at stock. whenever i am playing the game and get into a battle with a bunch of units it down clocks the card to 405 mhz and frames drop as a result. Anyone have any clue why ?
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  1. Have you checked the temps of your card?
  2. Yea temps are running in low 50's
  3. what is your current driver?
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