My amd fx8350, is running at 2.81 GHZ

I, have had this problem for a while, just never complained because it worked fine with my gtx 560. Now, Its starting to become a nuisance to me. I'm bottle necking like crazy today, when I installed my xfx 7950. I've tried everything. Pulling out the battery to the motherboard and putting it back in. Speaking about that, My motherboard is the gigabyte 78lmt-s2p. Which, I do not understand it is an AM3+ board :( Anyy suggestions?
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  1. Looking at all three revisions of that board, I find no information on Piledriver CPU support - the lates BIOS only provides support for Bulldozers up to the FX-8100. You may inquire with Gigabyte to find out if support is pending - doubtful since the power for that CPU doesn't appear to be built into the board. Likely, you'll need to upgrade your motherboard to enable all the features of the 8350.
  2. Ok, thanks
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