BF3, World of Tanks, multiple source games won't run... help!

Ok, long story but here goes. PC needed a new Mobo so I bought a new Mobo, a new processor, and new ram. Whenever I load World of Tanks, BF3, or a source game (Team fort 2) the frame rates go to hell in a few seconds and it becomes unplayable or not-responsive (1-2fps).

I have tried: Reinstall windows 7, pulling out each ram stick, trying a different video card (same issues), setting RAM to package settings (clock settings in bios, not using autodetect) and still no luck. So I'm thinking it's my processor or Mobo. Anyone have any suggestions? It runs games like Civ5, world of Warplanes, Endless Space, Diablo 3, and Starcraft II just fine. Wonderful. Is there something that the games it will not run have in common?

Processor: AMD Phenom II Black Edition 3.0ghz quad core.
DDR 3 1333Mhz, PC3-10666
Video: Radeon HD 5670 GDDR5 (1Gig)
Main board: ECS IC780M-A2

Ok, any help at all. Tell me to stick gum in my CPU and I'll probably believe you (no, not really, but I might consider it). I just want to fix the problem. It bothers me.

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  1. be specific which Phenom II and a HD 5670 isn't really all that good a gaming ?
  2. AMD Phenom II X4 Processor 3Ghz, 3.4 turbo. 8mg cache.

    I know the Radeon I have isn't great but when I mean 1-2 fps I'm not kidding. It just stalls out and dies. Let me know if there is anything else that could help.



  3. Seriously - need a better gpu. What psu do you have- be specific.
  4. What driver version are you running? Also, ECS motherboards are pretty crappy, it could be a bad board.
  5. Have you installed drivers for the gfx card - CCC suite
  6. if drivers are installed... maybe turn down graphics settings in those games, try to run low settings

    Better gfx card would help alot though. can you return 5670? Is there budget for new card?
  7. Hi All, Thanks for the help.

    I know my gpu isn't the best but it was running BF3 etc. prior to the upgrade of the mobo and processor (and it wasn't that bad). I do have the latest Catalyst drivers installed. Even on low settings it encounters the same thing. Actually... on the high settings it encounters the same thing (World of tanks).

    I could be wrong but I do doubt it is the gpu. Only because I encounter the same error when I throw in my Radeon HD 3870 512.
  8. Can you please post what kind of PSU you have? However, I still cry foul on that ECS board.
  9. Don't laugh.

    APEVIA ATX-CW500WP4 500W ATX Power Supply

    I know it is cheap but the little Radeon I have doesn't even require a six pin power port. Pulls it through the mobo....
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    It honestly could be either the PSU or Motherboard... I still think it's the motherboard... I hate, and I mean HATE, ECS. Lousy tech support, shitty products, high failure rates. Avoid like the plague. I know two different people who to cut costs go with an ECS board that had similar features to an ASUS at 1/2 the cost. One had to RMA four times before he gave up and got an ASUS, and the other one had his RAM, CPU, and Video Card all killed by his board. Dead, as in won't work in another PC period.

    Do you have a friends PC you could test each out in? See if your card works in his mobo, or see how your PSU works on his rig?
    I would honestly just list both on craigslist really cheap and get these instead.

    Motherboard -

    PSU -

    Video Card (If you want to play games at better setting) -
  11. Quote:
    For $20 more, this is far better value: [...] 6814102948

    ^ I agree, if its in your budget get that one. Also note that they do go on sale for less every now and then.
  12. I can see about a friend.

    Just in case what do you think about this mobo. Open box but it is a bit cheaper:

  13. If that mobo is what's in your budget and you're not afraid of an open box item, go for it. Open box just means bought and returned. It didn't have any problems most likely. If it does just RMA it.
  14. Ok. Mobo ordered. Friend would take too long to setup. I'll let you know the verdict when I get it. Oh, one more thing. Should I order some thermal paste to re-set the CPU in the new mobo? I've never actually done it this way around. Usually a new CPU in an old mobo.
  15. Yes, you should. Arctic Silver is the best in my opinion. Make sure you clean off the old paste by using a using 99% Rubbing Alcohol and a cotton ball. And yay for you ordering a quality motherboard!
  16. Thanks! I'll let you know how it turns out.
  17. Hi All,

    Thanks for the help. It was the motherboard. New board works great. Thanks for being an awesome community.

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  19. I'm glad it all worked out!
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