EVGA 8800 GTS 640MB

I would like to know if I can use this type of video card on an AMD or Intel motherboard like MSI Z77 Big Bang using the I5 or I7 or AMD ASROCK extreme 9. The reason why I would like to use this video card is because I have two of them and I would like to run them in SLI and use a 1080P monitor.
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  1. You can use them, but you SHOULD throw them out, they will provide poor performance for 1080p even in SLI. You need a modern card, you're only hurting your own performance & the industry by using aging hardware, man. I would sell both of them & buy a new 660 if I were you.
  2. Are you buying the cards or savaging it from another computer? Also make sure you have enough watts to power the 8800s they take quite a bit of power even more in SLI. Other than that have the right pin connectors and it should work.
  3. They are old and slow...bin them...
  4. Especially since the 640MB frame buffer will only hurt your performance more. Seriously dude, you NEVER use old parts for a modern system - you use them for legacy systems.
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