Graphics Card + Integrated Graphics?

Hello! So my mobo is M3A78-CM, and has an integrated graphic chipset - Radeon 3100. I took apart my mother's computer and found a radeon x300 card in it. I put it in the PCI port of the mobo, and, after fiddling with the BIOS for a bit managed to get the device manager to display in display adapter:

- ATI Radeon 3100 Graphics
- ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series

I got the drivers for the Integrated graphics from the AMD website, and got the driver for the X300 as the Catalyst Control Center thing and they APPEAR to be working.

My question is: Is this necessarily a good idea, and does it make it any better of a machine - I have the suspicion that perhaps the X300 isn't that good of a card and that the machine is dragging it along like a broken leg. That being said everything seems to be in working order although I have yet to try any graphic-intensive activity.


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  1. AFAIK you can only make one of the options (on board or discrete) working. unless you were using hybrid cross fire or amd dual graphic its not possible to make the two working together
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