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Best NVIDIA Card without the need of an external power cable

I know that the HD 7750 is the best card that doesn't require an external power cable from the PSU, but what is the best card from NVIDIA that doesn't require an external power cable. Thanks in advance!
So far, my research has led all clues to the 630. Am I correct?
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  2. Why Nvidia if I may. Please dont say because of AMD drivers.....because that just not true.

    But it would be the GT640.
  3. everyone has their preference dude. not everyone is a fanboi you know
  4. I wasn't saying the OP was, I'm just wondering why his preference is to Nvidia. I'd like to recommend the 7750 because it is just flat out faster.

    Sorry if I came off that way, I didn't mean it.
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