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Will this graphics card fit into my computer?

i have a Dell Inspiron 620 MT
300 watt psu
4gb ram
1gb hdd

i'm not so good with this kind of stuff, and i don't want to buy it and it doesnt fit or wont work on my computer.

i dont have the money to upgrade the psu, and i heard that this is the best one for a 300 watt psu.

if anyone knows it would be amazing.
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  1. i guess i should have named the thread 'will this graphics card fit in and work with my computer' sorry.
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    Looking at your computer specs and dimensions, the Radeon HD6670 will fit in your case (it is by no means a big card).Also, it should work just fine in your PC. I hope this helps.
  3. saphire ask for a 400 watts psu but on the reviews on amazon few people use is with 300 watts on a dell system,see this from dell they suggest a low profile card
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