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I'm looking for a graphics card upgrade. I wish to play Skyrim at high settings. I have a 1440x900 monitor and 4g of ddr3 ram. I have a 500w psu. My processor is a AMD athlon II X2 215 2.70ghz. I was looking to spend around 80$. I would also be looking to play other games such as ARMA 2 and Deus ex. Any suggestions for good cards?
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  1. I was able to more or less max out most settings in skyrim with a 6790 which you can find for less than 90$ now a days.
  2. bobusboy is pretty much spot on, anything stronger will be bottle-necked by your processor. The 6790 will play skyrim on high details at what appears to be 40-60fps. Deus Ex is quite performance friendly aswell.
  3. Is there anything cheaper? Or where could you find a 6790 for 90$? I was looking at a 6770 1g ddr3. Would getting ddr5 instead make a big difference?
  4. 6770 with 1 gb gddr5 would be better than ddr3 version as gddr5 video ram has twice as much bandwidth as ddr3. higher vram bandwidth will help the 6770 gpu perform better.
    6770 is a good entry level gpu, okay for skyrim at lower resolution.
    6770 (rebadged 5770) can handle skyrim pretty well.,3074.html
  5. I didn't even know they made a DDR3 version of the 6770.

    Either way the the DDR5 would be better than DDR3. I would say it can handle both Skyrim and Arma2 (Dayz I'm guessing?).

    I played Arma2 on a 5570 on low, so I would assume with the 6770 being much faster it should do a good job.
  6. You can also get an HD 6850 and it should perform better than the 6790. It will have plenty of graphics punch for Skyrim at the resolution your monitor is. These GPU's are pretty cheap these days. You can even play Battlefield 3 on high settings with this card.

    it's $135 after rebate, I would suggest you save up a bit more, this GPU is worth the price. Your 500W PSU would handle this GPU fine.
  7. +1 on the 6850 if you want to spend that much, if not a 6790 is the bare minimum IMO
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