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I OC'd my FX-4100 on my M5A99x EVO MOBO to 4000mHz with 1.25V. At first, I thought it was going to work, but I put it through a bit of a gaming test, and within 10 minutes my computer completely froze on me. It didn't respond, the mouse was frozen, and all keyboard functions did nothing. The screen simply stayed on the same frame. I have the Hyper 212 evo pwn heatsink with fairly new thermal paste. I am a new OCer. This was my first real attempt, and I probably missed something. I would like to know any insight into what I did wrong, and how I could fix it. To do this, I reset the clocking to stock 3600mhz. My multiplier was at 20 if it means anything.
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  1. I did the same test with the same game, and this time it was perfectly fine. Then, I ran a harder test with faster required loading, and no glitches. My current multiplier is said to be 18 on CPU-Z. Still 1.25 V 200 MHz bus speed.
  2. I was on too low voltage. Fixed it by adding it to 1.45V.
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