Corsair 850 Crackled and Died After Video Card Removal

Hi Folks,

I had two ATI 6800 cards in my machine and was doing some troubleshooting to get CrossFire working (it never did). During the course of said troubleshooting I removed one of the cards and upon replugging in my Corsair 850tx the supply starting sparking and making lovely sizzling noises. It will no longer power up.

I have never heard of such a thing happening based on removing a component, but it's hard to believe that the two things are unrelated. Anyone have any thoughts or experiences with such behavior? Also curious if my motherboard is fried now, and if I'd possibly experience the the same behavior with a new power supply.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. You were not doing that with the power on? With it off it would be totally unrelated unless something was shorted. The Corsair should have a internal protection that should stop it from killing other components.
  2. Nope, power was off and it was unplugged. The crackling and sparking started when I plugged it back in.
  3. In that case it is most likely just the primary side in the PSU that went and just a coincident that it happened after removing the card. Most likely your other parts are fine since they where not pulling power. I am presuming it is under warranty and Corsair will replace it.
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