PC Video Card equivalent of the GPU in PS3?

Can I run PC in PS3. If yes please, tell how?
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  1. I believe the equivalent would be around the Geforce 7800. As for comparing PC to PS3, I think I read somewhere that PS3 games are optimized just for that system which is why it plays with decent quality. I mean if you were to put a 7800 in a pc today and run a title for PS3 that is also available for PC, then I would say the PC is going to be held back by the old video card and lag a lot.
  2. Geforce 6800 or 7800 i think

    Its funny cos when x360 and ps3 came out they fairly high end pc hardware for the time. But the x720 and ps4 are using 6670/7670 for their gpus...
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