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Better "Gaming" Performance Boost -CTS-

With the specs listed in the image what would be the better option for gaming "performance" (Better FPS at higher Resolution, Less clipping, calm down the fans a little)

I'm playing Darksiders II ( not exactly bleeding edge ) and for the first time in 4 years I am noticing some "serious chug" on max settings.

Most of this computer is beyond the glory days so please try to avoid telling me how crappy it is.
So here is where I think the problems could be:

1. More RAM? If so, any suggestions.

2. New CPU? If so, best option with the same mobo.

3. New Video Card? If so, give me suggestions?

Budget $225

Give me one or a combination if it falls in the budget. Thanks in advance folks!
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    New GPU will help something like HD7850 but to get all out of it the CPU needs overclock.
  2. While your system is pretty old and not that good for gaming, a quick upgrade you can do now is replace the graphics card, then replace the system later. Simple as that.
  3. Definitely go for a gfx card upgrade. The Athlon II quad core will have new life with the aforementioned HD 7850.
  4. rolli59 said:
    New GPU will help something like HD7850 but to get all out of it the CPU needs overclock.

    to get all out of the HD7850 I need to overclock? or to get all out of the system in general? Please explain. I'm not opposed to overclocking, I just have a very limited amount of experience and understanding of the process.
  5. Your CPU will bottleneck slightly a HD7850, if you overclock the CPU to about 3.5-3.6GHz that will minimize that bottleneck. There are plenty of guides on how to overclock on the web and even in the overclocking section here.
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  7. Thanks for the info guys the strong consensus is new GPU and Rolli59 was first. Thanks again.
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